In 2020, the Venturi Group celebrated its 20th anniversary. To mark this date, the Monaco-based manufacturers Voxan tested their Wattman and reached 11 new records. It all happened in France at the Chateauroux airfield. The tests took place in three days from  30th of October to the 1st of November. In the course of work, a new world speed record for electric motorcycles was set: 408 km/h (254 mph). To set the record, the motorcycle model was seriously modified and many of its characteristics were changed, but first things first.

The history of the creation of the motorcycle

The modern history of Voxan Motors, which created Wattman under the wing of the Venturi, dates back to 2010, when they bought Voxan and determined their movement towards electric motorcycles. In 2013, the first Voxan Wattman model appeared. This was the starting point for the revival of the legendary manufacturer from Monaco. After another 6 years, in 2019 it had decided to revise some of the characteristics of the Wattman. The car was supposed to become a record holder; its new model was developed specifically for setting world records. That is what Voxan succeeded in doing. In the summer of 2020, together with six-time champion Max Biaggi, a record speed for electric motorcycles of 254 mph had achieved.


As mentioned earlier, the Wattman comes in two flavors: the standard, launched back in 2013, and the 2019 version, designed specifically to set record numbers.

The main characteristics of the model:

1) Weight: 300 kg for the new model and 350 for the original;

2) Engine power: 367 hp (270 kW) and 200 hp. (150 kW) respectively;

3) Battery capacity: 15.9 kW;

4) Battery power: 317 kW;

5) Tires: 240 mm with 18-inch rims;

6) Dimensions: 2350x1015x815.

It is also worth noting certain design features of this model. Despite this high power, the motorcycle does not have a radiator. Cooling is carrying out using dry ice, a container with which is located under the driver’s seat. At the same time, the absence of radiators improved the overall thermodynamics of the car. The 2019 model lacks a front brake, which again has improved thermodynamics. The battery is half the weight of the entire motorcycle (140 kg). Charging is done throught the DC Combo II connector. 80% of the battery charges in about 30-35 minutes. Tests used Michelin Pilot RS + tires. At the same time, it was initially assumed that the test speed would be limited to 350 km/h. The tires were checked on the landing gear of the aircraft, it turned out that they began to collapse at a speed of 450 km/h.

Where can you buy

Voxan based in Monaco. The motorcycle is not planning to be put into wide production. Firstly, the market is still develops, the demand will be very small. Secondly, each motorcycle is very expensive; it is assembled manually, which will naturally affect the price of the finished product. The manufacturer plans to assemble the Wattman to order, the price have not yet known. At the same time, the company also suffered losses during the pandemic, and therefore, the full-scale production of an electric motorcycle is a very risky decision.