Electric moped is a convenient personal transport for driving in the city and beyond. It is compact, environmentally friendly, inexpensive and economical transport, it is not difficult to manage, with it you can easily go around traffic jams and enjoy freedom of movement. The growing interest in electric mopeds encourages manufacturers to produce new interesting models of this mode of transport.

Our company offers you a good selection of electric mopeds for every taste. The variety of models allows each rider to choose an e-scooter of suitable design, design and functionality, with the desired traction-speed characteristics and sufficient range. Electric moped is not the fastest transport, but most models (except for specialized transport for disabled people and very children’s toys) are able to accelerate to 30-50 kilometers per hour. Of course, it all depends on the road, the weight of the rider and other factors. For the city quite enough maximum of 30 km/h.

We have compiled a rating of the best electric mopeds popular in our country and abroad, manufacturer’s fame and the number of positive reviews among owners. Of course, each person has his own vision of ideal transport, and everyone can independently single out the best electric scooter for himself.

Top-5 best electric mopeds in UK.

1. CityCoco x7 update-2

CityCoco x7 update-2 — advanced development of Chinese technicians. Like other Citycoco mopeds, this model represents an innovative approach to design. Its framed design resembles a large moped with blown wheels. It has a stable design and provides maximum comfort of movement, but is large in size. This model is ideal for summer residents and owners of private houses with a garage. The cost is about 90,000 rubles.

2. Eltreco Zing Vinni

Another favorite is the compact and maneuverable Eltreco Zing Vinni model. This electric moped is suitable for driving on ordinary roads and on narrow city lanes. Its city residents use instead of public transport, allowing quickly and without traffic jams to go to work or for business outside the city. The small size of the moped makes it easy to resolve the issue of its storage. The cost of this single moped is about 90,000 rubles.

3. EL-Sport Mini Citycoco

The EL-Sport Mini Citycoco electric moped is a mini-version of the EL-Sport Citycoco model, the original moped and motorcycle. This lightweight e-moped is best suited for urban and short-distance travel. Compact, convenient, weight 35 kg, can be stored in an apartment. The price is about 55,000 rubles.

4. Electric scooter Rusak 48 V, 1000 W

The most popular electric moped among our customers. Electric moped Rusak is great for driving around the city, as well as for extreme trips on light off-road.

5. Electric scooter Tsikada 48 V, 500 W

Electric moped Tsikada is a popular model of our production. It is compact, folding design and effective depreciation, which is important for comfortable driving on roads. The technical parameters of the mopeds (motor power, battery type and capacity) can be any — depending on the customer’s wishes.

When choosing an electric scooter, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of seats and take into account the individual features of the figure of the future rider. Also of great importance is the availability of a warranty ticket for the device. The guarantee is a guarantee of the quality of the moped, and also, if necessary, reduces the risk of additional repair costs.

Do you need the rights to control the electric moped?

Many users when choosing an electric moped are interested in whether to register the device and obtain driving rights. Models whose speed does not exceed 50 km/h do not require rights. A device with a power exceeding 1500 W, a speed exceeding 50 km requires a control document.

The great popularity of electric mopeds is associated not only with ease of control, but also with savings in funds, since unlike gasoline devices, electric ones can be recharged from a standard outlet, while the charge duration is 4-6 hours. Electric moped will be an ideal solution for people who want to stand out, but prefer calm driving and stable vehicles. When you select a model, you must proceed from individual preferences. Use our article and choose the right electric moped.