In the UK, an electric scooter refers to vehicles that have an electric motor in their system. They fall under the category of «electric vehicles». In addition, it also includes segways, electric scooters, monocycles, electric bicycles. There are certain parameters by which electric vehicles divides into bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles.

E-bikes can reach speeds of up to 15 mph. They do not need a driver’s license, driving is allowed from the age of 14, using of a helmet is also optional. But more powerful tools fall under the category of electric mopeds. Their speed is limited to 28 mph, and their power is up to 4 kW. To drive them, you need the driver’s license, using is allowed from the age of 16, the presence of a helmet and a state. numbers are required. The next category is electric motorcycles, which develops even faster speed and categorists as L3-e. Their power ranges from 4 kW or more.

Where is it allowed to use the e-scooter in the UK

The rules for using e-transport in England are very complex and require careful consideration. First, using of electric scooters and bicycles on sidewalks is prohibited. This type of transport is intended only for road traffic. Violation is subject to a £ 300 fine and six points on a driver’s license.

At the same time, electric bicycles with pedals have the right to move on cycle paths if their speed does not exceed 15 mph, but bicycles with only an electric motor are already considered a full-fledged vehicle on which you can only move along the road.

As for electric scooters, their using is allowed only on private territory. Traffic on streets and footpaths is prohibited.

What you need to get the right to use an electric moped

Electric mopeds fit into the L1e category, just like regular mopeds. To obtain a license for driving this type of vehicle, the following requirements must be met:

  • The driver has reached the age of 16;
  • You must have completed compulsory basic CBT training and have a valid driver’s license;
  • You must present the L number when You received CBT;
  • The driver is obliged to submit an application for payment of vehicle tax;
  • Transport must be registered with the DVLA and have a state. numbers;
  • You must have insurance;
  • When driving, a helmet is mandatory.

Why it is important to comply with all requirements

Thus, obtaining a license to drive an electric scooter is a very important process that must be carried out in accordance with all the rules and laws. As you can see from the above, the law considers an electric moped as a full-fledged vehicle, requiring a license, insurance and other things.

This is due to the fact that accidents caused by inexperience of drivers are widespread in England. There are also fatal cases. In this regard, the legislation sets such a strict framework for seemingly completely harmless electric scooters. This practice is common in many modern countries. This policy is aimed at maintaining and ensuring road safety both for the drivers themselves and for those around them.