The popularity of electric vehicles has grown dramatically over the past few years. More often than not, people prefer to buy electric mopeds and there are reasons for this. First of all, electric mopeds financially profitable purchase and is suitable for people of all ages. This transport is used by office workers, retirees, students — everyone who wants to get to their destination with comfort and without extra spending. And since electric mopeds are considered a full-fledged transport, you need to carefully study all the nuances.

Fuel savings and other benefits of electric mopeds

When it comes to the use of gasoline vehicles, it is worth mentioning the cost of fuel. For example, if on average, a car drives about 15 km per day, in a year it will be about 5500 km, and in 3 years — 16500 km. With this mileage on fuel only, you will spend $ 600-700. 

In the case of electric mopeds, electricity costs are approximately 1.5 kW to charge a 20 Ah battery. Even with the most expensive electricity tariff and the fastest, most aggressive driving, you will spend about $ 0.25 per 100 km. That’s $ 41 for 3 years with a mileage of 16,500 km. Besides, this transport has other advantages that distinguish it from gasoline cars and motorcycles:

  • safety — some models have a windshield that protects against gravel flying from under the wheels of other vehicles;
  • efficiency — at a price electric moped are more affordable than a car or motorcycle.
  • passability — thanks to the power of electric mopeds, it perfectly moves on sidewalks, squares, parks, and rough terrain;
  • comfort — the device is equipped with a comfortable seat, baskets for transporting groceries and bags;
  • simple maintenance — due to the absence of an internal combustion engine, this vehicle does not need to be replaced with fuel and lubricants;
  • dimensions — most models are fairly compact.

In comparison with gasoline analogs, this type of transport is more accessible and more economical. Moreover, you will never have any problems finding a parking space.

Savings on spare parts

The electric moped has almost no rubbing elements, even in the motor. Under standard operating conditions in the device worn only brake pads, wheels, and bearings. Considering the cost of maintenance and replacement of parts, as well as considering the cost of a gasoline moped, you could buy a few new electric devices for the money saved. The cheapest 60 V12Ah battery provides at least 15,000 km. With sparing operation, the mileage will be up to 50 thousand km. 

A gasoline engine can easily be overheated and damaged from aggressive driving and other factors that do not threaten the electric motor provided it is used correctly. The electric moped carries out smooth braking, which not only keeps the parts intact but also recharges the battery while driving. However, if your mechanical brakes fail, you will be able to carry out a stop using regenerative braking. At the same time, if the brakes in a gasoline scooter fail, then you are in a desperate situation since there are no more braking options.